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Assef Al-Jundi

In the Dark

Hello Friend
Remember that day at the office?
You showed up with a cut on your forehead
Almost in the center
Vertical jagged swath
Bruised bluish exclamation
Newly scabbed crimson

You said it happened in the dark of night
Walking a route you knew so well
You could navigate with your eyes closed

No warning
Head collided with sharp edge!
Half-open bathroom door

You made us laugh
Accepted our sympathies with a self-conscious grin


I extend my arms in front of me
Fingers seeking smooth table’s edge
Back of chair
Slick door frame

In darkness
I may not be facing where I want to go
Even when my body tells me I am
No such thing as sure familiarity

I stop
Trace invisible space about me
Fondly remember you
Before I take my next step