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Hayan Charara


A bad haircut
is the father's anger,
his dark hair and eyes

darker like night
falling on a furious crowd.
He stares straight

ahead and the future
looks back and it recognizes
the tie he wore at

his wife's funeral,
which he will relive
again and again.

At the end she was
unhappy but in the end,
because the future

depends upon the past,
she is a beautiful
young mother now

and her large eyes
remain open on the cold
morning she collapses

and the stain is
a long time forgetting.
The daughter doesn't

yet know her life
story and she will
not tell it.

The son waits
and waits and he will
wait and wait.

If the mother
could see them looking
at her now she would

disapprove. Sorrow ends
only in sorrow,
a person can be

sure of this.
And there is joy
in being sad.