Perihelion: An Online Journal of Poetry and Mayhem
The Phoenix Issue, No. 16, Winter 2008

Philip Salom

All in the Mind

Perhaps she wanted a High Distinction for silence.
Two classes without a word and then her face struck
with embarrassment when asked a question in the third.

Then the fifth: she asked him after the class if she
could have a High Distinction. She would do anything
to get it. When her work came in he saw that not a word

of it made sense. He wrote about obscurity and when
she read it in class she cried and ran away. She left her bag.
He was taking it to security when she returned and said

she knew he had been out there searching for her. How
she was sorry for dumping on the students in each class
and dumping on him in front of them but he was wrong

all the time. In the classes? he asked. In classes, she said.
But you have never said a word. The air was oddly colder.
He realised they were alone. The evening getting darker.

She was found driving her car in circles in the carpark
for hours overnight. After she was admitted they heard
she'd been stalking staff because they had a crush on her.

She rang from the ward compulsively taken by words
to help her and love her properly or she would suicide.
She got a Pass. She was a spook, and she spooked them.