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Perihelion Issue 16

Issue 16

Featuring poet Teresa Cader

Poems by Teresa Cader, Pamela Alexander, Oswald LeWinter, Louise Matthias, Kathy Nilsson, and others

Reviews of Richard Siken, Mark Levine, and A.E. Stallings

Perihelion Issue 15: To the New

Issue 15 | To The New

Featuring poet Steven Cramer

Poems by Ralph Burns, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Kelle Groom, Matthea Harvey, Arthur Rimbaud, Cammy Thomas, and others

Reviews of Ilya Kaminsky, Ruxandra Cesereanu, and Srikanth Reddy

On the Nature of Literary Friendship, edited by Robert Sward

Perihelion Issue 14: The Double Issue

Issue 14 | The Double Issue

Featuring poet Michelle Mitchell-Foust

Poems by Benjamin Paloff, Allan Peterson, Mark DeCarteret, Mahmoud Darwish, Paula Bohince, and others

Joan Houlihan interviews Poetry Foundation's John Barr

Perihelion Issue 13: Free Form  

Issue 13 | Free Form

Poems by David Biespiel, Tyehimba Jess, María Rosa Lojo, and others

Translations from Russian and French by J. Kates

Joan Houlihan interviews poet John Lake

Roundtable discussion with Oren Izenburg, Norman Finkelstein, Stephen Burt, Alan Golding, H.L. Hix, Kent Johnson, and Joe Amato

Reviews of Henri Cole, Jane Satterfield, and D.A. Powell

Perihelion Issue 12: The Necessary Ear  

Issue 12 | The Necessary Ear

Featuring poet Martha Zweig

Poems by Ander Monson, G.C. Waldrep, Mihai Ursachi, and others

Translations from Hebrew and Chinese

Joan Houlihan interviews Boston Review's Timothy Donnelly

Reviews of Reginald Shepherd, Saadi Youssef, Reetika Vazarani, and W.N. Herbert

Perihelion Issue 11: The Necessary Eye  

Issue 11 | The Necessary Eye

Featuring poet Larissa Szporluk

Poems by Robin Behn, Richard Garcia, Adrian Matejka, and others

Translations from Japanese, Spanish, and French

Jennifer Dick interviews Marilyn Hacker

Reviews of Karen Volkman, Stephanie Strickland, and Derek Walcott

Perihelion Issue 10: Out on a Limb  

Issue 10 | Out on a Limb

Featuring poet Quan Barry

Poems by Franz Wright, Cal Bedient, Timothy Liu, Josh Bell, and others

Translations from Greek

Susan Kelly-DeWitt interviews Bei Dao

Reviews of Priscilla Becker, Peter Richards, Forrest Gander's translations of Pura López-Colomé, and Liz Waldner

Perihelion Issue 9: The Missing Body  

Issue 9 | The Missing Body

Featuring poet Michael Perrow

Poems by David Dodd Lee, Jim Behrle, Fred Marchant, Joyelle McSweeney, Nick Flynn, and others

Translations from German, Hungarian, Croatian, Albanian, and Russian

Joan Houlihan interviews Stephen Burt

Reviews of Mary Joe Bang, Laurie Scheck, and Davis McCombs

Perihelion Issue 8: The Lily  

Issue 8 | The Lily

Writing the Ruin: Poetry and the Magdalen Laundries, by Rachel Dilworth

Poems by Ruth Daigon, Kathleen Lynch, Walt McDonald, Jo McDougall, and others

Susan Kelly-DeWitt interviews Joan Houlihan

A review of Ruth Daigon's Payday at the Triangle

Perihelion Issue 7: Passages  

Issue 7 | Passages

Featuring poetry of Tibetan refugee children

Poems by Mary Moore, Kate Benedict, James Walton Fox, and others

Mary Zeppa interviews Clarence Major

A review of Lynne Knight's Snow Effects: Poems on Impressionists in Winter

Perihelion Issue 6: No More Tears  

Issue 6 | No More Tears

Featuring A West Point Anthology: Poetry Cadets

Poems by Bei Dao, Frank X. Gaspar, Lynne Knight, Walter Pavlich, and others

Susan Kelly-DeWitt interviews Walter Pavlich

A review of Hannah Stein's Earthlight

Perihelion Issue 5: The Phoenix  

Issue 5 | The Phoenix

Featuring The Relationship of Poetry and Music: Song Poems

Poems by Ruth Daigon, Olivier de la Paz, Forrest Hamer, Robert Sward, and others

Joan Houlihan interviews Kathleen Lynch

Reviews of John Ashbery's Girls on the Run and Wakefulness