Perihelion: An Online Journal of Poetry and Mayhem
The Phoenix Issue, No. 16, Winter 2008
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  H.L. Hix
  Marci Rae Johnson
  Jae Newman
  Geoffrey G. O'Brien
  K. Alma Peterson
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Ecstatic Norm

The early autumn vacancies
Are a myth, are sometimes true
Remind me of something that is
Have just become near-valid
If my calculations are right
By what right do I speak of them
Beyond this vague sense I have
That such things are, are on
The verge, must refer to actions
Experienced, decisions undertaken
These buildings tenderly hollowed out
In accordance with easy decrees
As lovers ply a falling trade
Without my approval or release
Buildings that, timed to appear, do so
Next to each other and hollow
It’s a rumor howsoever solid
That time of year when clashes soften
And colors are personified, nervous
Certain trees suggest themselves
As mollifying fountains in a storm
Supposedly soon taking place
Curious acid of the planted forms
Incursions that follow or surround
Visits you never hear about
Is it possible these are items in a list
Ways to enter every guild
The story of how a case is built