Perihelion: An Online Journal of Poetry and Mayhem
The Santa Cruz Issue

Pamela O'Shaughnessy

Marvelous Terror


a tussling is what
(the wrong place)
they gave each each
(and the wrong time – she wronger)

in the shadow of the
valley of the shadow
of shadowier -- even with
(can I have a light?) tigers patrolling

I often thought of the Red Army Major -- a woman who sat and played guitar by the river one summer with her Siberian -- how they only sang dirges -- how they nudged each other in the car and pointed -- "good spot for an emplacement!" -- woods innocenter than in their

rare minds (defend with steel rockets) red glare -- picknicking on cold boiled eggs and cucumber
(I knew they were having) (I envied them even with trash pick-up)

yeslib znalivi, kak menye dorogi
sang the striped Siberian
as he jumped the fence
his eyes had a light --

smoky waterfront, Murmanskiye vyechera
Marvelous Error
on the jukebox
(sillyman's blog
from the Volvo outside)

tiger in the front row
picking his teeth

all through the lang night
Baudelaire on lead guitar
horns: Roethke Blake and Po

-- receiving deep pulses
at a very small table in the back dark