Perihelion: An Online Journal of Poetry and Mayhem
The Santa Cruz Issue




Those Old World Carpet Days
employed at the peak of
unemployable-ness. At Old World
I made burgundy dots. To clear
the intentions, the motives, the
complexity leading to everything
coming out the interior truck stop
toilette wasn't such an insincere
quest, but a lame one, no,
worse: you can get
self-righteous about it.
Isn’t it a mystery
how I became stable again
making dots next to people
making dots? No, to work with
the burgundy and royal blue,
rescued from that Rice Hill
book clerk comatosia life
was all that mattered,
the wages were the same.
But I had nothing to do with
the royal blue designers,
I wouldn’t let them let me
in the same room with
that elite clique. I was one of
the Burgundians, one of the dot
dyers sweating-it-out. Not only
saved from book clerk poverty but
better off there than swinging
with one of the corporation
rapedick occupations. And how
many can get around them? You’re
not forgetting the Wall Street military
and hard hat assholes cheering FBI
Vietnam Kent State Death Squad
mentality--Ford, I always forget
Ford, Ford was Nixon's little
toe hair, the precious elite
criminal’s toe hair. He’d do
anything for that toe.
Stayed at the machine
with my thread. Stayed on the
common carpet. Stayed put.
Never forget royal blue.
They thought they
could let half of the
burgundy dyers go.
They thought like they
were the secretaries
of Labor. Sometimes
they got away with it.
Never forget those uterus
choppers cutting deals
with the rapedicks.
We walked off with
what ever we could carry
when they held-back
the back-pay, cheating
the books on our Old World Carpet
over-time pay, same as the book
keeping at Dint World of Construction,
at Textbook World, at The Tampons
with Wings World Factory, at Abestos
Storage Tank World Installers Unlimited
World, at Respiratory Mask with
CD Player and Ear Phone Gear
for Assembly World of Assembling,
at All Time Part-time all the Time Inc.
You don’t forget it, you don’t forget
the insight they wanted to turn
into a stump inside of you.